Best Healthy Shakes and Smoothies


Shakes and smoothies can be a great option for those looking to partake in a delicious snack or meal on the go or as a replacement. While quickly passing through a drive-through can feel like the easiest option, store-bought shakes and smoothies can be loaded with additives and sugars that you don’t need. Making smoothies at home can give you the added benefit of knowing what is going into your drink, still offering you an easy option and allowing you to create your favorite flavor mix. As you look to make shakes at home, consider some of these factors to help you make the more delicious and healthy shake for you.

Complete Shakes

Complete shakes are an option available often as a supplement or meal replacement that only requires the addition of water or another beverage. These are options packed full of nutrients and protein, that can help you conquer your day. It is important to know that not all complete shake products will offer you the same benefit or flavor, so look for a product that offers ample comments online like proplant complete shake reviews. Make sure to check the feedback and reviews before committing to a product to ensure you have the product that best suits your needs.

Milk and Beverage Bases

The addition of any beverage to your blended drink can add significant benefits, but also can change the nutritional components of the drink. If you are looking for more protein, milk or a plant-based dairy alternative can be a marvelous addition. Choosing your base can adjust the nutrients, taste and texture of your smoothie drastically.

Seeds and Nut Butters

The addition of seeds and nut butter can add both protein and marvelous nutrients to your blended beverage. Chia seeds, flax seeds and peanut butter can be a delicious additional layer, and you can often find yourself with an additional texture component and often a nutty aftertaste. It is important to note that a little goes a long way with these types of ingredients, so limit your quantity.


Blending fruit can result in an incredible flavor profile, delicious result and plenty of antioxidants; however, the addition of fruit is something to be careful of in shakes and smoothies. While fruits like pineapple, berries, bananas and apples can be delectable additions, the added sugar can present problems for those who may struggle with sugar regulation. Consider limiting your fruit use to one-cup to ensure you don’t overdo it without losing the delicious addition of fruit.


Vegetables can serve as a great balancing agent in smoothies and shakes. By adding fiber and necessary nutrients without drastically altering the flavor, you can find yourself with a healthy and delicious drink. Consider adding a cup of kale or spinach to your next blended beverage, so that you can find a balance in your diet to avoid a crash in your day from a solely fruit-infused smoothie.


Whether you are interested in complete shakes or blended beverages, you should always be aware of the amount of sweeteners in your drinks. With natural sugars in fruits and sweeteners like honey, it can be challenging to find a balance. Make sure to limit the added sugars you throw in with your drinks, as they can add up quickly, leaving you with a harsh sugar crash a few hours later.


For those who may be interested in spicing up an old flavor profile or wanting to change up their routine, adding various spices to your beverage may be a marvelous addition. Cinnamon, cayenne and turmeric are all options that can be thrown into your daily drink. By wowing your taste buds with a mild spice or creating a savory flavor in a traditionally sweet drink, you can wake up your mouth with a change in flavor.

Not all drinks are created equal and while smoothies, shakes and other blended beverages can be nutritious alternatives to meals and snacks, what you throw into your beverage matters. You can find yourself reaping the rewards of a nutrient-packed drink that can help fuel you for your day with just a bit of easy trial, preparation and planning.


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