Add-ons for Any Diet


Dieting is a challenging and sometimes frustrating ordeal. You have to reduce your intake of unhealthy, addictive food that you’ve grown accustomed to since you were young, and giving up sweets and junk food is no easy task. Some people quit their diets early when they become overwhelmed, but when you use creative add-ons, you make the dieting experience more appealing and palatable.


Depending on the type of diet, you may lose weight but also lose essential nutrients and beneficial bacteria. Losing weight is the goal of any dieter, but you need to drop pounds in a healthy way. When you’re miserable during a new diet, you’re less likely to maintain your new eating habits and more likely to revert to your old ways. Some diets minimize your intake of healthy fiber, and eventually, the beneficial bacteria in your gut become outnumbered by harmful bacteria. If you want to balance your beneficial bacteria, you can use a prebiothrive coupon code to order supplements that will keep your stomach healthy during a difficult dieting experience.

Probiotic Food

Another way to keep your gut happy during a diet is to eat food that has probiotics. Probiotics help regulate your digestion, metabolism and bowel movements. Diets that restrict high fiber foods may disrupt the bacterial balance of your stomach and can lead to constipation, bloating and gas pains. Yogurt is famous for its gut-balancing probiotics and is inexpensive and widely available. If yogurt is not your favorite snack, you can try a fermented food like miso, sauerkraut, pickles, sourdough bread or kombucha. Besides sourdough bread, most fermented food is best served at lunch or dinner. The strong flavor and aroma of pickled veggies cause most people to avoid serving them for breakfast.

Calorie Trackers

Every effective weight-loss program regards your caloric intake as an essential element of losing weight. With homecooked meals, you can control the calorie count and avoid going over your daily limit. However, eating out poses more challenges while you follow a strict diet. To make calorie counting and dieting progress easier, you can install a dieting app that includes calorie tracking on your phone and devices. The apps include a restaurant option that calculates your fat, carb, and calorie intake for popular franchise menu selections. Another helpful feature on most of the apps is a barcode scanner that can instantly display a product’s nutritional information.


If you’re tired of the bland salads and pasta of your weight-loss program, you can try adding a healthy protein to liven it up. Salmon, tofu, tuna, chicken, and mackerel are healthy proteins that are full of flavor and nutrition. The addition of seasoned meat or fish to a salad will help you enjoy a more substantial meal that doesn’t detract from your dieting goals. Try going easy on the salt, and instead, you can use dried herbs and spices to season your protein choice. Enjoying a meal is crucial to enduring a dieting program, and if you dislike your food, you can make adjustments to avoid cheating on your diet or ending it.


You may have problems giving up your sugary, morning coffee, and very few people appreciate diets that limit their caffeine intake. You can keep your morning ritual, but you may need to modify your dairy and sugar additions. Nutritionists recommend trying nutmeg or cinnamon in your coffee as a sugar substitute. Artificial sweeteners can have unpleasant side effects and are not always safer or healthier than pure sugar, and a strong spice like cinnamon won’t raise your blood sugar levels. Spice up your coffee and replace the cream with almond or soy milk for a healthy alternative.

Quality Food

Whichever diet you follow, you should use high-quality food. Fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and free-range meat are ideal choices that contain more nutrients than prepared meals or processed food. There are several add-ons available for weight loss plans but remember to only supplement your diet with additions that you enjoy. Dieting is much more comfortable and rewarding when you stay healthy and happy.


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