A Strange New Complete Food Technology World Revealed


What Weird Imagination Can Do To Expert Food Technology

Will robots take over food technology and us too? That’s the topic of today’s convenient nourishing yarn. For instance, a fry cook robot, a meal maker, and a vending machine are all at just about arm’s length from joining atm’s, elevators, and terminators to kill John Connor and cause our inevitable downfall if we believe these things. But, just to be sure…Let’s take a look at future ‘adversaries’ and get to know them a little better. Oh and don’t forget to check out Kitchology’s Eat.Better app before Skynet takes over.

Spongbob Robotpants?

In the time it takes me to check if I infringed a copyright Miso Robotics’ Flippy, could have served up a patty, well done. That’s right! Be on the look out for burger flipping bots. Word is they’re moving into CaliBurger territory. Thermal sensors ensure food is cooked properly while a robotic arm flips the patty and plates it too. Right now, Caliburger is located in 12 countries. But, with Flippy coming out in 2019, plans could change. My only concern is how deadly will the spatula turn when the killing machines rise. Flippy could flip out. Just sayin’…

When We Met Sally

Phew! Another near copyright infringement miss dodged… More good news…Not all futuristic devices wield a spatula. In fact, the next to be determined foe could be Sally. Thankfully, she’s more leafy than meaty. In fact, when approved Chowbotics’ patent pending food technology salad making machine of 20 plus ingredients should appear in a number of cafeteria settings. Just imagine if Sally was having a bad day and decided to sub in allergy unfriendliness into her broad repertoire. Don’t rule out Sally once the machines strike. Just sayin’…

He Needs A Name

Are you less intimated if a device is name less? Byte Foods hasn’t named their healthy choices vending machine yet. In the spirit of today’s impending uprising, meet Vern. As well as popping out BBQ salads and kombuchas, Vern tracks users’ habits and change out prices as product supply and demand dictates. The company created the incentive program to encourage healthier eating. Not to worry — Vern will be plenty loaded with data once the machines engage. Just sayin’…

Looks like our future adversaries are getting ready for that power shift. Will our proverbial Flippy flip out? Will Sally crank out the poison? How about Vern? What will he do with all that tracking data? Will our food technology machines eventually become terminators? Did I eat too much sushi last night? I don’t know…Either way, remember keep friends close and enemies closer. Just sayin’… In the mean time, hope you’re enjoying #food technology while it’s on our side. Got any robotic thoughts to share @Kitchology or @Kitchenchick123


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