6 Easy Practical Tips To Enjoy More Special Desserts


What Is The Simple Ultimate Truth About Free Desserts?

Anyone looking for desserts? Who doesn’t like to dig into something sweet from time to time? Is there a way to balance eating clean and an occasional indulgence? After all, life is meant to be enjoyed. You’ll also find plenty to enjoy by downloading Kitchology’s Eat.Better app.

Once again, balance is key. You do not want to end up in a situation of over indulgence leading into a nightmarish cycle of dread, blame and guilt, undoing all your hard work of losing unwanted pounds. Still, how are you going to attack next time that perceived enemy appears at a birthday party or other celebration? Is it even realistic to avoid all cake, cookie and candy desserts?

Short answer is “Yes,” for a few in the short term. But, even some of this faithful group has fallen off the no-sugar- ever wagon too. That zero-dessert approach is such a slippery slope too. That one time only slice of cake, could lead to a cringe worthy binge of ice cream and cookies, topped off with chocolates for good measure. That doesn’t feel like the right answer either, right?

Luckily, there are some ways to avoid these traps. Try these approaches to safely navigate through sweet temptations and get your just desserts:

1) Fresh Fruit

Fresh, organic, seasonal fruit is the optimal guilt-free dessert. Fruits are filled with fiber, vitamins, minerals and delicious, natural sweetness. You can enjoy 2-3 servings of fruit daily, absolutely guilt-free. Make fruit your best friends; savor each sweet bite.

2) Honey

What’s the real deal on sweeteners? No matter how healthy their marketing claims including, sorry, Agave or Coconut Sugar, all sugar is still refined sugar. So, 20 calories of one sugar equals 20 calories of another. Instead, try raw honey, which, aside from fruit sugar, is the most natural source of sugar.

3) Gluten-Free Flours

What else is a major component in most baked goods? It’s flour. So, instead of using regular wheat flour, opt out for almond, coconut or flax meal flour. Another substitute, or flour mixture, I love is protein powder. Oh yes, I use my protein powder for my super guilt-free baking.

4) Dark Chocolate

Chocolate fans should go for the dark stuff. Start with 73% cocoa content. As your sweet receptors kick in, you’ll start to like even darker chocolate. It’s lower in sugar and higher in cocoa, which is where the actual benefit of chocolate lies: antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

5) Portion Size

Yes, quantity does matter! If you’re eating 2-3servings of fruit per day, whatever other sugar enters your body needs to stay under control, no matter how healthy. Keep your desserts to no more than a few bites. Learn to savor and enjoy. Everything in moderation applies to desserts too. Adopt the idea that a quality treat is something valuable for special times. Your appreciation for them will grow too.

6) Exercise

Treat desserts as a reward for exercise. Really craving something sweet? Then, make sure you train first. Your metabolism is at its highest in the hours post workout. That means any dessert you have (again, in moderation) is burned off as energy, rather than stored as fat. Just remember to pace yourself with calories consumed.

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Keep the good sweet in life!




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