5 Recipes That Boost Recovery


Good nutrition is important for everyone. If you are an athlete, however, it is especially essential to pay attention to how you refuel after an intense workout. You need a meal that will help restore energy and rebuild the muscles you used. Here are five recipes to add to your recovery repertoire.

1. Balance Bowls

If you read Le-Vel Thrive reviews online, you know that you need nutrients to maintain your energy level throughout your day. It keeps you focused enough to get everything done and still have the motivation to work out later. After an intense workout, however, your nutritional needs are different. The name of the game at that point is rebuilding. Specifically, you need a meal that is high in protein with the right balance of complex carbohydrates and good fat. A balance bowl contains at least one of each of these categories. Start with a whole grain, such as quinoa or brown rice. Then add your favorite proteins, such as lean meat, fish or beans. Top it off with avocado or a homemade vinaigrette, and you have a quick, satisfying meal that helps restore your muscles.

2. Turkey Bolognese

Few things are as comforting as a large bowl of pasta. Many traditional sauces are incredibly rich and may add more fat to your diet than you need, though. Turkey bolognese solves this problem by replacing the beef, pork and pancetta used in the classic version with a leaner meat. You can improve the quality of the nutrition in this dish even more if you use a whole-grain pasta. By tweaking traditional recipes, you can still enjoy the comfort without undoing any of the hard work you put into your fitness regimen.

3. Chicken and Veggie Sandwich

If you've just finished your long run for the week, the last thing you may want to do is go home and cook a healthy meal. A post-workout snack doesn't have to be high maintenance. Keep your kitchen stocked with cooked chicken, raw greens, tomatoes, whole-grain bread and your favorite condiments. The variations are as endless as your imagination. Having everything on hand to build a filling sandwich that packs a powerful nutritional punch keeps you lean and out of the drive-through after a particularly hard workout.

4. Steak and Potatoes

You may think of a big, juicy steak and a heaping baked potato as what you would order for your last meal, but it probably isn't the first thing that pops into your head when you think about healthy food. A well-prepared, suitably portioned steak with a side of starch is good muscle fuel, though. Eight ounces of grilled, lean beef isn't going to put too much fat into your diet, so go ahead and indulge. When you load up your baked potato with grilled onions and peppers, plain Greek yogurt and a small amount of your favorite cheese, you get great taste without too many calories. Substituting a sweet potato gives you even more helpful nutrients. Recovery is a great time to enjoy the foods you love the most.

5. Hummus

Some people like to wait a little while to eat a big meal after working out, but it's still a good idea to eat something right away. Hummus is a great choice. Chickpeas are an excellent low-fat source of protein. One ingredient you may not recognize is tahini, or sesame seed paste. Sesame seeds may be tiny but their nutritional value is mighty. They are full of protein, B vitamins, healthy fat, fiber, antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals. Pair your hummus with raw vegetables or pita bread for a light but filling snack.

You can't outwork a bad diet. Nutrition is important no matter what, but after an intense workout, you need food that specifically works to rebuild muscle and help you grow stronger. Choosing recipes that boost recovery with carbs, protein and good fat is a crucial part of overall good health.


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