5 Little Known Super Foods


Whether you lead a healthy lifestyle or you are looking into making changes to your diet, there are many foods that are more nutritionally beneficial than others. Here are some of the best foods that you should consume regularly, to reap their benefits.

Dragon Fruit

Although it is rather unknown still by many, the dragon fruit is an incredibly healthy fruit that offers a myriad of benefits. It is extremely high in fiber, a supplement that many Americans do not get enough of on a daily basis. The dragon fruit also contains impressive amounts of Vitamin C and potassium. The dragon fruit can be easily added to your daily smoothie or sliced up as a sweeter salad topping. The dragon fruit offers benefits that will keep your heart healthy, and your skin looking radiant. Because it is extremely high in fiber, it will aid in the regulation of your digestive system, and keep you fuller for longer periods of time, making it a great snack for those trying to lose weight as well.


Known as one of the most popular sweeteners, honey is a great alternative to other sugars. It contains nutrients, is abundant with antioxidants, and can even help promote better cholesterol levels. Additionally, it is a wonderful natural cough suppressant if you do not want to use conventional cough syrup. Honey is also popular for being infused with beneficial supplements, such as lavender. As the cannabis industry grows in the United States, honey is being integrated into products such as honey sticks with cbd. These can be sucked on by themselves or stirred into a cup of tea. Consider adding honey rather than sugar next time you want something sweet.


Blueberries are a great option for a snack that is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. You can eat them alone for a low-calorie sweet treat, or put them in a smoothie or breakfast parfait. They are also very high in fiber and Vitamin C, containing impressive percentages of the amount that is recommended in your daily diet. There have been recent studies showing that blueberries may even help improve memory and cognition, and help to prevent the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer's. They contain flavonoids, which are foods that keep your brain sharper as you age. Next time you want a delicious snack, pick up some blueberries and feel guilt free while eating as many as you wish.


Hailed as one of the favorite foods of the Millennial generation, the humble avocado is more popular than ever. Avocados are known for being extremely versatile, and can be spread on toast, sliced on a sandwich or salad, or even made into a delicious guacamole. Avocados are extremely dense in nutrients, and contain lots of good fats. They contain Vitamin E, fiber, and magnesium, which is known for helping to maintain energy levels and even help with some common digestive issues. Avocados are an amazing addition to any meal and are definitely a staple to consider adding to your diet for all of their benefits.


Kale is a leafy green that has come onto the vegetable scene in the past couple of decades, and for good reason. It is incredibly packed with many different vitamins and minerals. It is rich in copper, magnesium, and potassium, and a single cup can help you fulfill your daily requirements of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. You can cook kale in with many dishes, but it is also a great substitute for regular lettuce in a salad. Kale is a popular ingredient in smoothies as a way to get vital nutrients into your diet, even if you do not like the taste.

It is important to incorporate healthy foods into your meal plan. With these tips, you will be sure to fulfill all of your nutritional needs, while still being able to enjoy delicious foods on a regular basis.


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