3 Lesser-known Benefits of Eating Vegetables

Mayo Clinic Minute: Why eating more vegetables, less meat is healthy
Mayo Clinic Minute: Why eating more vegetables, less meat is healthy

Is eating more vegetables and cutting back on meat really good for your health? Dr. Donald Hensrud says the benefits don't stop there. So what kinds of foods...


Eating healthy is among the different ways that you can ensure a long vibrant life. Creating daily menus that include vegetables is at the top of the list of healthy eating. While deciding what kind of vegetables you want on your menu, find out what types of nutrients are in each vegetable. The nutrients that one person's body may need may not be what your body needs. For example a woman that is pregnant may need huge amounts of folic acid, whereas her next door neighbor my need very little of it. So, learn your body and the needs of your body.

Histamine is a compound. This particular compound is released by cells to deal with injuries. Or if a person has an allergic reaction to something this compound release will assist. You may notice the individual having muscle contractions etc. Other reactions of the body are the lowering of blood pressure, gastric acid secretions and more. The function of this compound is to respond to alien pathogens. Vegetables that contain this biogenic amine are chickpeas and soybeans.

Blood Pressure Benefits

Potassium is found in many vegetables. Potassium helps to keep your blood pressure under control. Vegetables that contain potassium could include sweet potatoes, soybeans, lentils and many more. Keeping your blood pressure at a decent level is important. If your blood pressure spikes too high it can cause the person to have a stroke. High blood pressure can also lead to blood clots. These clots can form in the arteries. Blood pressure is considered at a dangerous level at 180 millimeters of mercury or higher. Or 120 mm Hg or higher. Some factors that can raise blood pressure is being overweight and smoking. Your eating habits can significantly lower your blood pressure. Other type of food that can benefit are tomato products, spinach and beet greens. To make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients do not overcook the vegetables. The least amount of time that you cook vegetables the better. Health Benefits of Vegetables

Bowel Movement Regularity

Vegetables containing fiber are excellent at ensuring that your bowel movements are normal. Vegetables such as spinach and tomatoes have a strong tendency to regulate your bowel movements. If you find that you are constantly constipated or that you have regular bouts of diarrhea including these types of vegetables into your diet should help. Foods that Have Fiber

Folate Benefits

And lastly vegetables that contain folic acid are good at helping the body form red blood cells. Women who are with child benefit greatly from Folic acid. Beets, Broccoli, Leafy Greens contain excellent amounts of Folate. Other vegetables that contain Folate are asparagus, legume, avocado and many more. What is the difference Folate and Folic acid? Folate is natural. When it reaches the digestive system it must be changed into 5-MTHF, prior to being allowed into the bloodstream. Folate is considered to be the natural form of vitamin B9. Vegetables that Contain Folate

Folic acid, however, is synthetic. It is also known as pteroylmonoglutamic acid. It is easily added into foods that are processed. Floor and breakfast cereals are a few of those foods. Similar to Folate, Folic acid needs to be converted, however the conversion takes place in the liver not the digestive system. Folate has been shown to be more beneficial health wise. Folate is highly recommended for pregnant women due to the fact that it supports healthy cells. It creates a healthier environment for fetal growth. Studies show that including Folate into the meals of a pregnant woman reduces the potential of birth defects.

Making a habit out of eating healthy is always a good idea. After a while of doing it, gulping down a plate of asparagus and beet roots will become totally natural. So, experiment and find out which types of veggies you enjoy the best and which ones have the nutrients that your body needs.


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