3 Foods That Are as Good for Our Environment as They Are for You


Taking care of our environment is very important. Although taking an interest in the ecosystem may seem overwhelming, it only requires a little effort. In fact, every bit of help towards a greener planet makes a huge impact on the whole ecological system.

Moreover, by supporting a cleaner planet you can be rest assured that your immediate environment will have great changes – such as a healthier you with cleaner air, water and soil. As well, eating healthier can also have a bearing on the ecosystem. Selecting organic fresh foods can support immediate good health and help preserve the environment. Further, Prevention states that avoiding chemicals by eating organic significantly increases better health and helps preserve our ecosystem. You can also consider commercial solar installation panels on your roof to save energy and contribute to a greener earth.

As well, what you do locally will also greatly affect the world as a whole. If everyone did even a small part, our planet would have immediate results like cleaner water and air, reduced pollution and the preservation of agricultural diversity.

Greater Importance

Caring for the environment does not require you to be an Eco scientist, an environmental activist or to work for large organizations like Greenpeace International or the National Geographic Society. Just being environmentally conscious will make a huge difference. There are many ways to show that you care, which make a difference in numerous ways:

  • Helps save our home – Mother Earth
  • Cleaner environment for healthier living
  • Has a progressive and positive reflection of your character
  • Helps decrease the overall temperature of earth’s atmosphere
  • Supports biodiversity – plants, animals and other living beings in our world
  • Preserve our lands for future generations like our grandchildren and their grandchildren

Learn From Experts

One of the best resources for learning about our environment is the Internet. In fact, keeping in tune with statistics and how we affect the world can help you decide which changes you can make yourself. For instance, There are eight billion tons of plastic dumped in the ocean each year (February 13, 2015). Even worse, the plastic waste is expected to increase tenfold in the next decade. Knowing this can help you better understand some of the problems we face. As well, you find ways to limit the use of plastic and also educate others on the damage plastic is doing to our ecosystem.

However, knowing what sites to trust can be a challenge. One of the first things to look for is qualifications. For instance, dependable information will generally be supported by someone with a qualified title such as Dr., CNS or naturopath. As well, reputable and knowledgeable sites typically have other credentials like certified organic, Fair Trade; carry the Non-GMO label etc.

Another great reference is someone who is established in their business such as Jordan Rubin who is a trustworthy health expert. Mr. Rubin is not only an author and the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition; he is also a pioneer in developing an organic permaculture system to help support better health for humankind and our planet.

Jordan Rubin’s Heal the Planet Farm embraces 350 certified organic acres that is within a 4,000-acre Beyond Organic ranch. In truth, what he is doing to make a difference with healthy living is incredible. His 7 year plan to reshape the food system includes:

  • Medicinal herbs
  • Perennial vegetables
  • An edible food forest with 175,000 trees, shrubs and bushes
  • High nutrient soil which boosts fertility to support the orchards
  • Organic polyculture orchards (up to 100 different species of fruit and nut trees)

Moreover, Heal the Planet Farm offers a variety of advanced training certifications in organic farming, holistic grazing, polyculture and permaculture. The farm is located at the base of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri – a very impressive place where organic farming is on an advanced level of innovative sustainable methods.

Foods That Are Good for Our Environment

There are numerous foods that are good for the environment. Rendering to Heal the Planet Farm, creating a layered food forest that produces from the ground up is more Eco friendly than annual crops like corn. a food forest supports an ideal Ecosystem for animals and insects, helps maximize crop yields and is a chemical-free pest control.

A layered forest may include the following:

  • Edible mushrooms (lowest level)
  • Raspberry shrubs (lower level)
  • Perennial shrubs like currents or hazelnuts (middle-level)
  • Fruit trees (top level)

In addition, when the food forest is well managed there are much higher yields and less labor with each passing year. However, for higher yields it is important to start with a good base, meaning that the ground will need to be regenerated with quality soil. As well, organic practices are vital – avoid all chemicals, petrochemical-based fertilizers and all other herbicides and pesticides.

Sustainable Farming

Sustainable agriculture is a farm that understands and utilizes the ecosystem and the link between organisms and the environment. Some of the practices for sustainable farming that enriches the soil include:

  • Composting crop waste like manure
  • Basic composting such as food waste, etc.
  • Improve renewable water resources and conservation
  • Growing legumes for mulch (high in nitrogen-fixed bacteria)
  • Reduce soil erosion by no-till farming, windbreaks or keyline design

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