3 Affordable Snacks That Will Leave You Feeling Ready to Workout


Working out requires a great deal of energy, and any good fitness trainer would highly recommend you eat something to help power you through your exercise session. The proper snack will also help to improve one's performance during the workout, thus making it more beneficial. In addition, working out on an empty stomach can be detrimental to one's health. If there are blood sugar issues, a workout on an empty stomach may leave one dizzy, light headed and nauseous.

A pre-workout meal need not be a big one. In fact, a light snack is a better option, as a big meal may make you lethargic. But a small snack that is rich in carbohydrates and protein, will give you that extra bit of needed energy, and make your workout more effective. When it comes to the ideal pre-workout snack, most probably think of fruit smoothie or protein shake.However, neither of these options are very cheap. For those who are on a tighter budget, here are a few low cost recommendations:

1.Plain Greek Yogurt With Berries and Granola

This is a great pre-workout snack. Both the berries and the granola provide carbs that can quickly be digested. The berries also provide a source for antioxidants. Finally, greek yogurt provides a great source for protein. It’s also important to go with plain vanilla yogurt, because those with fruit mix are high in sugars. This is also a great option for those who struggle with exercised induced digestive problems that result from high fiber options such as protein bars.

2. High Protein OatMeal With Berries

If you workout in the morning, this is a great option since it may provide some in-house preparation. Oatmeal is a great pre-workout food because it provides fast burning protein; as well as carbohydrates that are slowly digested to keep you full. It’s also light, and won’t weigh you down. In addition, the berries provide a great source for carbs, as well as antioxidants.

3. Peanut Butter, Honey and Bananas

This is a really affordable snack that requires little preparation. Most fruits are good components of a pre-workout snack, because they provide a source to maintain your blood sugar levels. A banana meets this need, and are also high in fiber, so you are less likely to get hungry during your workout. Another Benefit of the banana stems from its high potassium levels, which is great for keeping your blood pressure stable, and potentially helping you avoid cramping.The honey also effectively helps with the blood sugar, while making the snack taste better. Finally, peanut butter is an excellent source of protein, but needs to be used in moderation because it is high in calories.

In addition to the type of snack, timing is also an important thing to consider. In order to give the food time to digest, you should try and eat 30-60 minutes prior the workout. This timing gives you the extra nutrients and energy to make the most of your workout.

These are just a few recommendations, and they can be mixed and matched accordingly. But whatever the snack, taking a few minutes to eat something before a workout will make your efforts much more productive.


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