14 Easy Healthy Ways To Snacks Victory


Are Snacks A Good Sure Fire Way To Health?

Apparently it’s not out of the norm to munch on snacks throughout the day. In fact, if done right, they even contribute to good health. Studies and surveys have shown interesting results. However, do remember to pace yourself. Too much of anything, even if it’s good, can be bad. Your best plan of attack? Pick and choose high fiber and protein ones. Feeling a snack attack coming on right now? Be sure to sample recipes on Kitchology’s Eat.Better app for all your cravings.

The Numbers

Looking back, we’ve been snacking our way to bigger numbers. Compare, the 30% who periodically snacked in the 1980’s to a 2014 study revealing over 50% were engaging in this practice. To be clear, less than 5% of us are all day snackers. But, look at the difference! Over 90% of us eat one non-meal a day and 25% eat three to five daily. If these trends continue, it bears taking a closer look at snacking options.

The Benefits

Today’s infographic (thanks, Visually & Ghergich) shows us why if we’re going to snack, fiber and protein packed ones are the right stuff. You’ve heard it before. Hand in hand, fiber and protein keep us full longer, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, keep us regular and help keep us from overeating foods we don’t need.

The Choices

Surely, you’re already eating at least a few of the snacks suggested below. Any surprises? How about dried apricots and jerky? Ever think of adding cranberries and seeds to popcorn for a quality snack? How about adding artichokes to that slice of deli turkey meat? Check out other pairings such as snow peas and hummus, cottage cheese with pears and honey and avocado covered toast amongst others. Add them to your classic apple and cheese or peanut butter or fruit filled yogurt for more well rounded balance.

So many choices to gobble down, right? Experiment your way to healthy. Can’t wait until lunch or dinner’s ready?Flip the chart for one of these suggestions. Since it looks like this practice is the new norm for the foreseeable future, looks like a plan of attack is in high order. Help us add more #snacks here @Kitchology or @Kitchenchick123. We’ve got the popcorn and you’ve got the, what?

by Ghergich.

From Visually.


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